Kite Boarding BAsics

What is Kite Boarding?

Kite boarding is one of the most epic water sports ever!  It combines aspects of surfing,  wake boarding, sailing, and gliding.   Imagine the feeling of propelling yourself using only a kite, board and wind.  The possibilities are endless in creativity and exploration.


Is Kite Boarding Dangerous?

Kite boarding can be a dangerous,  but with proper lessons and development of a safe technique much of the risk can be avoided.  Here at Try Kiting we focus on safety.  We give you the tools and technique to avoid unnecessary risks. We also teach you the safety protocol for common situations that arise while kite boarding. 


What are the Steps of Learning Kite Board?

 At Try Kiting we focus on breaking down the steps of learning kite boarding effectively, with an emphasis on safety and progression.  While every student is different the steps apply to everyone.  Our goal and the goal of every aspiring kite boarder should be to become self-sufficient: to be competent in all aspects of kite-boarding armed only with knowledge and no support backup.  Ready More….

While kite boarding is absolutely a community sport, you must understand how to handle situations alone.  From launching and landing the kite in water and land,  to kite self rescue.  We will teach you  all the tools you need to become a self-sufficient and competent kite boarder. 

Now on to the steps on learning. First you will learn hands on equipment safety and setup.  You will learn set up the bar and lines, up and down wind.  How to assess which size kite to use for the current conditions and how to choose a  launch area.   Next comes kite control,  You will learn how to fly a kite in either direction, and how to maintain control with simple 'sheet in'  'sheet out' techniques.   Next you learn  more aggressive flying and how to generate power and pull necessary to kite board.  Once you learn this you will begin body dragging though the water propelling yourself with the kite.

Now that you can pull yourself with the kite,  time to put on the board,  let go riding!  Having built confidence in your kite flying ability, you will be able to control your water start,  and speed once you get moving on the board.  Have jet ski support will allow you to focus on kiting and nothing else.


Can Anyone Kite Board?

Yes kiting is for everyone! Kite boarding does not require great stretch and athletic ability.  On the contrary it requires finesse to fly kite.  This is achieved by practice and developing muscle memory.  While is does help to have some boarding and sailing knowledge,  these skills can be learned in a short amount of time with the proper training and practice.


What things do I Need to Bring to the Beach?

 Try Kiting provides all the kite boarding equipment including kite board,  control bar,  various sized kites,  kite harness and flotation jacket.   Review the weather forecast,  and plan accordingly.  Here is a  short list of  items that are not required but will make improve your day:  Water resist sunscreen,  rash guard (sun protection),  full or shorty wetsuit for cooler weather.  If you are taking full day of lessons we bring some food and drink to stay hydrated.  We do have have a sun shade for a break from the sun.